Btwin My Bike Mountain Bike:

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Btwin My Bike Mountain Bike

Btwin My Bike Mountain Bike

Btwin My Bike Mountain Bike, White

Get the cycle for My Bike Btwin and enjoy the neighborhood’s scenic locations. This bike has a rigid steel structure, aluminum rollers without corrosion, a grass-free chain guard, and a powerful two-finger brake mechanism to lower tension on your wrists. There is also a convenient saddle with smooth pedals. The bike cycle Btwin My accompanies an old-school simple edge setup. The box is made of steel and is appropriate for anyone more than 5 feet. Psyche you can enter the Btwin my bike only in white but gives characteristic rim steps from S to L directly.


The edge is also furnished with a straight forwards inflexible gate, which provides you with a lifetime guarantee. With the Btwin my bike, you can cycle on your back on the landing area and rugged highways without causing a lot of weight. The best arrangement is to rent one if needed if you are a total learner who cannot know if you can ride daily. Whatever the situation, if you are all right to buy a moderate bike, then calm down by decathlon on my Btwin cycle. The Btwin my bike is the most reasonable cycle that you can find, all but rough to pedal plus it provides a cash reward. A steel frame rigid, alloy wheels free from rust, a grease-free chain guard, and an effective two-finger brake device that eliminates hand tension are all available. It also has a saddle and smooth pedals. Cycling on swampy terrains will no longer be a problem since the VP pedals of this bike have hills to help grip. The pedal also incorporates safety reflectors.



Slowdown is as critical as a part of a bike on my motorcycle Btwin. With a V-slows Helical spring, the brake coils perform wonderfully when wet or dry. In comparison, the brakes are so sensitive that you can use just two fingers without any stretch break. V-brakes for helical spring. Broad cycle brake pads have a solid and progressive braking system. The tubes are damp and sterile. 2 figured handlebar lever decreases tension on the paws. The brake levers are often downwards at an angle to ensure the proper location of the hand when the brakes are applied.


Because of the hollow road conditions, Btwin my motorcycle accompanies regular 26″ wheels made of aluminum in the first position of the priority list. The great thing about the alloy wheels is that the total load of the bike is minimized and does not rust in the long term. And you don’t have to stress the rusty rod in floods if you expect to carry the bike outdoors.


A simple bike with a solitary speed drive train is accessible at a particularly low level. As a beginner, pinion wheels can be incredibly confusing and single speeds are OK in those situations. Apart from the drive train, you are planned to fly on slopes and roads without problems. The Btwin my bike is also only perfect in the chance that you hope to buy a bike that provides a cash reward and can be used for everyday drive and wellbeing.


Pedals VP smooth when the soul of the foot is flat or muddy, VP pedals give improved traction. The pedal face is big, making pedaling comfortable. The reflectors of the pedals improve visibility.


The saddle is PU MTB. Comfortable and broad saddles with decent cushioning. For long trips, the saddle may be supported by a gel seat cover. The cover also serves as a saddle safety membrane on your bike.


Stainless Steel Benefits in steel frames: the primary attribute of the steel frame is its toughness and rigidity. The carriers are fixed and filled between 20 and 25 kilograms, the racing is very durable and yet the cycle is steady. It has for many years been able to consistently withstand shocks and vibrations and retains its rigidity even without failure.


Stiff fork steel the bike has a rigid, lifetime warranty steel bifurcation. The front fork is bent off from the tip of the bike tube which is a suitable geometry for recreational riding.


Handle of steel. The U-formed steering guides provide the cyclist with the correct position. The length of the handler is 63 cm, making the regulation of the bike easy. In the case of frontal effect, the Steel Paw Headphone Design provides greater strength and reliability.


Using service

Broad and up position of steering.


Reinforced frame made of concrete. Pneumatic tires are for dry and rainy conditions.

Lifetime promise

B’TWIN gives the case, stem, handlebars, and rigid fork a lifetime guarantee. The

Pros and Cons of Btwin My Bike Mountain Bike:


  • Accommodate length of handlebar.
  • Terrific tires.
  • Cash inducement.


  • The slowing down on faster speeds is questionable.
  • Management grasps Uncomfortable.


1) When you need to repair a surplus part, at our workshop we have everything. You’re going to have to skip our workshop for your cycle. 2)Free three-month check is only applicable if the customer may take the bicycle to the workshop for the decathlon.4) All bicycle components must be bought individually.

Maximum Weight capacity

100Kgs tested.

Need gears?

In the decathlon, a gear system cannot be mounted for this bike. Please make sure that the design improvements in the bike frame do not fail to promise the lifespan.


Gross weight (M): 17.12 Kg NET Weight (M): 13.87 Kg Gross Weight (L): 17.4 Kg Net Weight (L): 14.38 Kg

Storage advice

Store the cycle in dry places away from rain and sunlight. Keep the tires always inflated.

Country Of Origin


Manufactured By

Decathlon Sports India, Survey No – 78/10, A2 – Chikkajala Village, Bellary Rd, Bengaluru – 562157, Karnataka, India.


Why Should I Buy This Cycle?

A rigid steel frame is supported on the bike. The bike has alloy wheels that resist corrosion and minimize ride weight. The front curtain is made of a plastic chain guard to hold the fat safe. The splitting method with two fingers removes tension on your fingers. The bike has a soft saddle.

Why Should I Choose A Btwin Cycle?

The cycles in Btwin will be tested by a Btwin team. Any finding is noticed and the loop improves. This helps our clients achieve the best experience in cycling. Anything under your roof is under one roof and our workshop staff will look for your bicycle. Feedback from consumers is really important for us. To develop our product design, we listen to our clients.

What is the finishing Color of the handle, Is it black glossy Color or black matt finished Color?

Black gloss.

How many gear?

Dear Customer, it is a longer bike.

It’s cycles All settings bearings?


What is the frame size of the Large My Bike?


Will I get a water bottle holder?