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Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

Omobikes 1.0 Light weight Hybrid Cycle with Alloy Rims, Anti Rust Frame

Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight, aluminum, anti-road frame, Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight, alloy, anti-roll, anti-road model 1.0 is a classic OMO bike, original in the classic. Lightweight, hybrid, anti-road. Combining a timeless build, pace, and unsurpassed construction standard, this bike makes a splendid all-around city bike for men and women who are after many years pursuing a safe lifestyle and cycling. Great geometry, light but solid frames, and world class materials ensure that every ride is perfect. 

Omo bike is the starting point of IT students and fantasizes that India is safe and green because they need the best bikes to be offered at an affordable price in India. The 12,9-kg bike weight is the lightest motorcycle with 26X1,75 rpm, making CYCLE UNDOR 10000 RUPEES the fastest powered engine. The company also expects 5 trees for every Omobikes 1,0 cycle model sold and ensures that they live a solid life. Omobikes – One of the lightest, most trendy, and fastest bikes in his bits. If it’s on-road or frequent morning drives or on fitness walk, this cycle will always smile on your lips. Tech: Design and style are the subjects most commonly explored in this model. The classical black frame is sleek but the headliners are brazen. The danger tube is a perfect basic cycle for children, adults, and the elderly, and is easy to rides on and off of the bike. Put clearly, never gets boring this loop. About OMO Bikes: We celebrate cycling in the finest possible scale, focused on passionate cycle enthusiasts and IIT graduates. We manufacture bicycles we love riding in our office every day. All our motorcycles are designed for Indian riders and highways. We have learned very closely from our clients and strengthened our bikes reviews. In our view, bicycles will address many issues like health, travel, noise, the balance of our climate, among others. It encourages us: to build a great commuting environment and an overall cycling experience to enrich your lifestyle-biking lifestyle.


Model 1.0 is our best-selling bike, as it offers a convenient, quick, and versatile way to drive the city from a motorcycle and with lots of elegance as well. For riders of 5’2″ or 5’10 and a weight up to 105 kilograms, it is the perfect bike for everyday drives up to 15 km.

  • Special DESIGN: The Crowd stands with elegance – Matt Black Frame & Unique Styling.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightest bike in its category (only 12.9 kg).
  • LIFE LOGGING: 105 Kg extensively checked steel frame with double anti-rust and colorful double-wall alloy rims
  • Help for Consumers: 24 x 7 Helps for Customers
  • WARRANTY: 2 Year Frame and Fork Warranty
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: side stand, mudguards, bell spinning, locker, equipment & installation guide.
  • Suitable for men, women, children, and the elderly people of between 5’2″ to 5’10” feet are safe riding on the bike.
  • Omobikes – One of the lightest, most beautiful, and fastest in the category.
  • Size – Perfect for people from 5’0 to 6’0.”
  • Frame: Lightweight high voltage steel
  • Rims:- Double Wall Alloy Colored (lightweight & high strength)
  • Tires:- Pace prone puncture tires
  • Comfortable Seat Quick Release Adjustable
  • Convenient grips,
  • Lasting pedals.
  • Hubs & BB set for frictionless bearing.


1. It is an inexpensive round.

2. He’s a road bike.

3. That’s medium weight.

4. It has a frameset of carbon steel.

It takes 10 minutes for you to mount a bicycle and all the necessary equipment is available for this. The bicycle is shipped 90% normal online distribution procedure for the protection from injury during delivery is delivered. You must repair

1) The front wheel with the assistance of a nozzle

2) Pedal with Pedal Wrench Support

3) Stiffen two Allen key nozzles to fix the

4) Fix the seat and V breaks and you’ll be able to drive.

Your whole shipment is assured. In the event of any harm received due to transmission, please make an observation about reception during acceptance.

Return policy we will give a full refund if the cancelation is made before the shipping. If canceled after the consignment or delivery of the items, shipping costs shall be deducted from reimbursement within 3 days of receipt. It will take 3 days for return or cancelation to be sought. Not returnable. Not retrieved.


  • 1. The substance is developed on behalf of Omobikes by graduates from IIT. Bike and bicycle owners have a lot of zeal. Therefore, they called generating such extremely high-quality periods.
  • 2. It is the lightest in weight and comes with 26X1.75 tires that make transportation simpler and quickest.
  • 3. The best thing is, 5 trees per 1,0 Omobikes cycle sold are planted for each business. This guarantees a safe lifestyle.
  • 4. The commodity comes with a lightweight stainless steel high tensile structure. It is ideal for individuals between 5’0′′ and 6’0′′ heights.
  • 5. The best element is the vibrant bands of wall alloy double. This makes them robust and smaller, too. The puncture high-speed and punch-proof.
  • 6. I enjoy the easy cycling sit and have the ability to change for a quiet journey. The pedals are sturdy and increase safety.
  • 7. The device comes with friction-free hubs and BB smoothes the chain.


  • 1. Most of the screws are of low design. The hex screws which go with the pause that is frequently modified in weeks have especially gone away. It is made from horrendous metal where even a fixation tears out the molds.
  • 2. There’s one big cycle problem – seat sucks, it’s not approaching tiny, there’s no stunning thing about this cycle, you sense on the Indian street a little rough fix on the street and hellfire like that.


  • Can I fit gear, suspension, dual disk brakes? To this model purchased in September month?

-Yes, you can add sir.

  • I like the bike. But the one in the advertisement had gears What about that? I would prefer if u added an option of gear or non-gear in your website

-Model 1.0 is non-geared and Model 1.7 is a geared one.

  • Can I add gear on model 1.0?


  • My weight is 98 kg is this product suitable for me?


  • Is it battery powered too?


  • I cycle for almost 30kms a day. Would this bike be able to handle it?

-Geared one would be a better option for you Model 1.7

  • I purchase Omo bikes 1.0 hybrid can I modify my cycle by adding gear?


  • EMI Option is there?

-Yes, on bajaj

  • Can I add suspension to this bike?

-Any purchase after Jan 2020 have the option to add suspension

  • Can the handlebar height be adjusted? Is it suitable for ladies?

-Yes, it can be adjusted and suitable for ladies as well height more than 5″3.

  • What to do if there are any damages in the cycle or missing of cycle parts?

-You can raise a ticket and our customer care executive will contact you and resolve your query as soon as possible.